Touch Express Open Port Sampling Interface

For One-Touch Mass Analysis of Solids, Liquids, Surfaces and Fibers with the expression CMS 

The Touch ExpressTM Open Port Sampling Interface (OPSI), is designed for simple sampling of surfaces, solids, liquids and sample preparation tips and fibers. The novel ambient sampling technique was developed by Gary Van Berkel and Vilmos Kertesz, of Oak Ridge National Laboratory. 

Paired with the electrospray ion source of the expression Compact Mass Spectrometer, the solvent forms a meniscus at the open port before being drawn down the inner path into the electrospray ion source of the mass spectrometer under the Venturi effect of the nebulization gas. Any soluble sample touching the port is analyzed by the mass spectrometer in just seconds. Touch Express OPSI offers a fast assay benchtop solution for solid, liquids, and surfaces in a small-footprint, easy-to-use system.