Mass Spec Solutions for Chemical Biology

Advion is the partner of choice for biopharmaceutical, academic/government researchers, and industrial chemists seeking to enhance their chemical synthesis knowledge, workflow and mass spectrometry results. Using our deep scientific and engineering expertise, we develop a broad portfolio of chemist-centric, purpose-built mass spectrometers, nanoelectrospray ionization sources, flow-chemistry synthesis systems and consumables characterized by their reliability, high quality and flexibility.

The Touch Express™ Open Port Sampling Interface (OPSI), developed by Gary Van Berkel and Vilmos Kertesz, of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, paired with the electrospray ion source of the expression Compact Mass Spectrometer incorporates a low volume, open port of continuously swept solvent, flowing directly into the electrospray ion source of the mass spectrometer.

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Advion has added highperformance, dependable and easy to use HPLC and
UHPLC systems with best-in-class performance into our lineup of sample introduction systems. Modular, stackable design provides configurations from the simplest, least expensive, manual injection HPLC to a fully streamlined UHPLC system and everything inbetween.

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Introducing a new type of mass spectrum, available exclusively in the Advion peak Express software suite: the Delta Spectrum (ΔS). The ΔS is available with the expression compact mass spectrometer (CMS) to look beyond chemical noise and automatically detect even the smallest peaks without knowing the m/z in advance.

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The inert ASAP (iASAP) allows easy sampling of air-sensitive compounds, such as metal catalysts and organometallics, from reactions that are carried out in a glove box or Schlenk line to prevent oxidation. The technique allows a synthetic chemist to perform real-time reaction monitoring.

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The vAPCI ion source for the expression CMS is a simple, powerful tool for gas phase sample analysis. The technique can quickly and confidently identify compounds in air, breath, headspace and other gas samples without the need for any sample preparation.

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Quant Express, an addition to Advion’s user-friendly Mass Express 4.0 software suite, features quantitation to create a fully integrated software system for expression CMS users.

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The Chemist’s Detector

A high performance mass spec for every chemistry laboratory

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Chip-based electrospray ionization technology

Combining the strengths of liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, chip-based infusion, fraction collection, and direct surface analysis into one integrated system

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Featured Applications

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Natural products

Faster scan speed, online polarity switching and in-source CID to generate the information for compound identification and structural information of previously unknown natural product analytes.

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Reaction monitoring

The expression CMS addresses the need of organic and synthetic chemists to understand the optimal time to quench a reaction mixture. They can obtain answers within minutes rather than hours or days.

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Teaching Mass Spectrometry for Chemists

Advion offers a plug and play, compact, single quadrupole mass spectrometer designed specifically with the academic chemistry laboratory in mind, the expressionE CMS.

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Protein assays and peptide synthesis

Real-time reaction monitoring based on a combination of thin-layer chromatography (TLC) and compact mass spectrometry (CMS) is a simple and quick way for chemists to overcome synthetic challenges and optimize chemical reactions in the modern laboratory.

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Success Stories

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University of Minnesota, Therapeutics Discovery Development

We have been extremely happy with our Advion system and predict that it will quickly become a workhorse in any synthetic organic or medicinal chemistry laboratory.

Rebecca Cuellar, PhD,

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University of Cambridge, NIHR BCR Metabolomics and Lipidomics Facility

The TriVersa NanoMate eliminates traditional nanoelectrospray challenges.

Koulman Group,

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Purdue University

I was so impressed with the user-friendly interface and instrument setup that we installed a 4th expression CMS to be used in the undergraduate organic teaching lab.

Flaherty Lab,

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ETH, Laboratory of Organic Chemistry, Zurich, Switzerland

“The expression CMS allows us to efficiently analyze the mass of newly formed compounds in (almost) real time.”

Wennemers Research Group,

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ACS Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting (MARM) 2019

May 30 - 1
Baltimore, MD

67th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics

June 2 - 6
Atlanta, GA

14th International Symposium on Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry (ISMSC 2019)

June 2 - 6
Lecce, Italy

102nd Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition: Celebrating IUPAC’s 100th Anniversary: Canada’s Place in Global Chemical Research, Innovation and Education

June 3 - 7
Quebec, QC

Press Releases

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