Application Note

Mass Directed Fraction Collection

The Advion expression Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS) was coupled to a Normal Phase Flash Chromatography system for mass directed fraction collection. Typically a UV detector is used to monitor compounds eluting from Normal Phase columns. A limitation of the UV detector is that it relies on compounds having a chromophore in the chemical structure, hence an analyte of interest may not be detectable if it lacks a suitable UV chromophore or coelutes with another compound. In addition, solvent systems can interfere with and hinder UV absorbance. The Advion expression CMS provides the ultimate in selectivity, unambiguously identifying residual starting materials, desired product ions, side reactants and impurities by their molecular weight despite co-eluting compounds and solvent peaks. Mass directed fraction collection greatly speeds up the chemist’s work flow with confidence in the content and purity of the collected fractions by eliminating off-line TLCs, workup and core lab LC/MS assays.