LESA™ – Liquid Extraction Surface Analysis: A New Surface Analysis Technique Using the Advion TriVersa NanoMate

Presented by: Thomas Covey, Principal Research Scientist at AB SCIEX

Thomas Covey describes how various organizations are incorporating the fast, simple, and direct method of LESA – Liquid Extraction Surface Analysis – into their labs. He shows data that illustrates how you can see more analytes with better sensitivity by combining LESA with mass spectrometry and chip-based nanoESI via Advion’s TriVersa NanoMate. This new analytical technique has a wide range of applications for sample analysis from a variety of surfaces e.g. tissue slices, TLC plates, MALDI plates, and Dried Blood Spots.

Dr. Covey also demonstrates the latest LESA upgrade – LESA Points software that provides simple, point-and-click surface analysis. Users can scan a digital image of their samples and select sampling positions within 90-μm resolution. The new upgrade also provides a specially-developed mounting block that keeps all kinds of surfaces at a fixed height for simple method set-up.