Liquid Extraction Surface Analysis Mass Spectrometry (LESA-MS) Novel Profiling Tool for Drug Distribution & Metabolism Analysis

Presented by: Dr. Daniel Eikel, Sr. Application Scientist – Advion, Inc.

Description: Liquid extraction surface analysis mass spectrometry (LESA-MS) is a novel mass spectrometry-based surface-profiling technique (Kertez, et al., 2009) that can be utilized in drug distribution and metabolism studies. Potential advantages of LESA-MS are as follows:

  • No radiolabeled compound is required
  • Its overall sensitivity appears favorable compared to autoradiography or matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry imaging (MALDI-MSI)
  • No additional sample preparation such as MALDI matrix application is required.

In this webinar, Dr. Daniel Eikel expands upon his publication (Henion, et al., 2011), discussing how LESA-MS can provide complementary information to the gold standards in this field: quantitative whole body autoradiography (QWBA) and whole organ LC-MS/MS, or other MS based approaches such as MALDI-MSI. He demonstrates how they have evaluated LESA-MS by studying the drug distribution and metabolism of terfenadine in mouse, and through direct comparison, proved that LESA-MS appears to be more informative than a comparable MALDI-MSI experiment and reflects the literature-known metabolism and distribution pattern for terfendine and its metabolite fexofenadine.

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