Mass Spec for Teaching Brochure

Developed for chemistry students  to gain industry-relevant mass spectrometry skills, Advion offers a plug and play, compact, single quadrupole mass spectrometer designed specifically with the academic chemistry laboratory in mind. When teaching undergraduates the basics of chemistry, it is important to keep the spark of learning alive. The expression CMS takes learning to a new level with hands-on, real-time analysis.

Advion compact mass spectrometer

Authored by Cornell Professor Emeritus, Jack Henion, PhD along with leading chemistry departments, the course curriculum focuses on key topics relevant to students interested in continuing down an academic path as well as industry and government.
A program of six videos and lectures introducing mass spectrometry techniques to chemists is included, as well as written materials to help with your ACS accredited course. 
These lectures include:

1. An Introduction to Mass Spectrometry
2. Direct syringe injection (Flow Injection Analysis)
3. Direct sampling probe (ASAP)
4. TLC Mass Analysis
5. LC/MS
6. Other liquid introduction mass spectrometry applications and techniques

Learn more about the different sample techniques available with the expression CMS, including fast assay methods for liquids, solids, gases, and even air-sensitive compounds.

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