Application Note

Simple, high-performance coupling of SFC to CMS for mass-directed fraction collection

Recently, Advion co-authored with a major pharmaceutical partner to create two application notes highlighting the benefits of supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) coupled to a compact mass spectrometer for mass directed fraction collection.  The application notes conclude that mass‐directed fraction collection with a simplified passive splitter on the Preparative JASCO SFC coupled with expression CMS system increases purification selectivity by mass directed fraction collection while maintaining excellent recovery and purity. The MS accepted high concentrations of sample material with peak shapes trailing edges almost indistinguishable from the UV trace. Low, Middle and High isocratic flow rates all showed comparable MS source clearance leading to minimal tailing beyond the UV. Gradients further minimized peak tailing as expected on the UV and this was also seen on the TIC and XIC. Peak purities for all main band purifications were ≥99.9% pure and minor impurity collections showed equivalent success yielding 100% pure fractions. Acceptable recoveries for all collected fractions were 94% or better.