ICP-MS Software

Advion’s ICP-MS Express offers a modern, easy to use interface to help simplify method development, experiment creation and data acquisition – starting and completing your run with just a single click.

The software builds on the industry-leading Mass Express platform developed over many years with the Advion expression Compact Mass Spectrometer. The software package has been optimized for the ICP-MS system and comes standard with the simple to use Mass Express software suite, including Quant Express and Data Express.

ICP-MS Express 

ICP-MS Express provides seamless workflow to configure and control the instrument including all of its peripherals (liquid autosampler, peristaltic pump etc.). ICP-MS Express offers:

  • Simplified user interface and streamlined workflow for optimized, automatic calibration and tuning
  • Optimized data acquisition with real-time graphic of spectrum and time resolved signals during manual runs or batch acquisition
  • Optimized sample list for easy workflow
  • Quantitative calibration curve for accuracy