Sample Inlets

Optimize your throughput with these SOLATION ICP-MS sample inlets

High-Throughput Autosampler

CheMS Opening Screen

Simplifying sample introduction, increasing throughput

The ASX-560 Autosampler offers:

      • Optional dual rinse station
      • Optimal chemical compatibility
      • Redefined and configurable XYZ movement
      • Integrated enclosure (optional)
      • Sample racks including 90, 60 and 21 vials
  • Rapid Sample Introduction

Fast sample introductionMore sample throughput, less time

The ASXPRESS PLUS rapid sample introduction accessory that, when used with the ASX-560, increases throughput from 90 seconds per sample to 30 seconds per sample.


Providing simple high-performance LC/ICP-MS for multi-element speciation

The Advion AVANT series offers:AVANT UHPLC

    • HPLC and UHPLC for speciation analysis
    • UV and UV-Vis DAD
    • Column oven
    • Autosamplers with optional cooling
    • Modular and stackable design
    • High-pressure mixing with optional degassing