Simple, routine, fast elemental analysis

Introducing the new Advion ICP-MS, optimized to provide high sensitivity detection of trace elements in a wide range of matrices. Ideal for environmental, clinical, bioanalytical, and food safety applications.

The instrument is a routine, high-productivity tool for providing simple, robust, 24/7 operation for environmental and clinical assays. The system is ideal for a wide range of matrices, including complex samples such as urine, serum, plasma, whole blood and tissue samples.

The ICP-MS is controlled by Advion’s industry-leading, easy-to-use Mass Express software. Configure, control and tune the instrument, process data, and quantify all from one intuitive software suite. Everything from routine analysis to advanced research will benefit from the efficiency of the Advion ICP-MS solution.

The system provides:

    • Measurement of levels of toxic elements in a wide array of matrices including water soil, food, ingredients, blood, serum, plasma, urine, tissue samples.
    • Bioavailability of essential elements – all 26 are easily measured in one analysis
    • Quantitation of new metalloprotein therapeutic candidates; uptake, metabolic, biotransformation, and other biological processes.

The Advion ICP-MS is available now and the software is supported in both English and Chinese languages.