Teaching chemistry

Mass Spectrometry for Teaching Chemistry

Developed to help chemistry students gain industry-relevant mass spectrometry skills. Advion offers a plug and play, compact, single quadrupole mass spectrometer designed specifically with the academic chemistry laboratory in mind, the expressionE CMS. This includes a mass spectrometer and read to teach curriculum making it the ideal solution for undergraduate and teaching chemistry programs. The expression CMS takes learning to a new level with hands-on, real-time analysis.

expression CMS Success Stories

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Department for Homogeneous Catalysis, Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung

“Rapid characterization of reaction products combined with the lowest effort of sample preparation”

List Research Group, Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung

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University of Hull

"A cost effective way to introduce practical LCMS studies to the undergraduate laboratory class."

Kevin Welham, Department of Chemistry

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University of North Carolina at Pembroke

"Well suited for a variety of undergraduate curricular and research lab applications."

Paul Anthony Flowers, Professor of Chemistry

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Boston College

"I would highly recommend the purchase of the expression CMS, especially to core labs or any small college looking for a well-made easy to use system."

Marek A. Domin MSc, MRSC, CChem, CSci, Director of Mass Spectrometry

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expression CMS Application Notes

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Complete Reaction-Monitoring Solution

Reaction monitoring is a key aspect in a range of chemistry environments from chemical synthesis to drug discovery to understanding natural products and protein synthesis. To understand the optimal time to quench a reaction for maximum yield as well as to monitor a reaction real-time is vital to many medicinal and synthetic organic chemists. The…

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