Teaching chemistry

Mass Spectrometry for Teaching Chemistry

Developed to help chemistry students gain industry-relevant mass spectrometry skills. Advion offers a plug and play, compact, single quadrupole mass spectrometer designed specifically with the academic chemistry laboratory in mind, the expression CMS. This includes a mass spectrometer and read to teach curriculum making it the ideal solution for undergraduate and teaching chemistry programs. The expression CMS takes learning to a new level with hands-on, real-time analysis.


CheMS Opening ScreenAdvion also offers software specific for teaching labs: CheMS. The CheMS user interface simplifies the mass spectrometry experience and makes it more accessible in chemistry and biochemistry laboratories.  The user interface allows users to quickly select the workflow and type of compound they wish to analyze in just a few clicks of the mouse and the software automatically optimizes the ion source and data acquisition parameters to ensure they get the data they need for decision-making. This allows the chemist to obtain optimal data without needing to be an expert in mass spectrometry.

Learn more about the different sample techniques available with the expression CMS, including fast assay methods for liquids, solids, gases, and even air-sensitive compounds.

CheMS Opening Screen

expression CMS Success Stories

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Department for Homogeneous Catalysis, Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung

“Rapid characterization of reaction products combined with the lowest effort of sample preparation”

List Research Group, Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung

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University of Hull

"A cost effective way to introduce practical LCMS studies to the undergraduate laboratory class."

Kevin Welham, Department of Chemistry

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University of North Carolina at Pembroke

"Well suited for a variety of undergraduate curricular and research lab applications."

Paul Anthony Flowers, Professor of Chemistry

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Boston College

"I would highly recommend the purchase of the expression CMS, especially to core labs or any small college looking for a well-made easy to use system."

Marek A. Domin MSc, MRSC, CChem, CSci, Director of Mass Spectrometry

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expression CMS Application Notes

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Complete Reaction-Monitoring Solution

Reaction monitoring is a key aspect in a range of chemistry environments from chemical synthesis to drug discovery to understanding natural products and protein synthesis. To understand the optimal time to quench a reaction for maximum yield as well as to monitor a reaction real-time is vital to many medicinal and synthetic organic chemists. The…

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