Protein assays and peptide synthesis

Fast separation and mass analysis of proteins and peptides

The ’tides express combines an extended mass range, compact mass spectrometer (expression L CMS) with an easy-to-use HPLC gradient system with manual sample injector for rapid, real-time analysis of large molecules at the point-of-need. Additional fragmentation analysis and charge deconvolution software tools provide the interpretation needed to easily confirm the identity of peptides and proteins.

  • Cost-effective LC-CMS analysis tool ideally suited to support solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) analytical needs
  • Provides both the analyte mass-to-charge ratio as well as structural and AA sequence information
  • Ensure quality control by including a reaction control step after each synthesis cycle to guide yield optimization efforts

expression CMS Success Stories

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Virginia Tech

"There is no substitute for having a mass spectrometer a few steps away from your bench."

John Matson, PhD, Assistant Professor

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expression CMS Application Notes

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Protein analysis via LC/CMS with automated charge state deconvolution

The Advion deconvolution algorithm employs a combination of predictive charge envelope generation, overlap calculation with actual MS data acquired utilizing a maximum entropy goodness of fit approach followed by artifact removal through determination of peak significance. This novel approach allows for a rapid deconvolution over a wide mass range in seconds. It also allows a…

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Complete Reaction-Monitoring Solution

Reaction monitoring is a key aspect in a range of chemistry environments from chemical synthesis to drug discovery to understanding natural products and protein synthesis. To understand the optimal time to quench a reaction for maximum yield as well as to monitor a reaction real-time is vital to many medicinal and synthetic organic chemists. The…

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Recommendations for Transferring Peptide Mapping Methods to LC/MS Using Core-Shell Columns

With the emergence of new protein therapeutics, including biosimilars, biobetters and ADCs, peptide mapping by LC/MS is becoming more commonly used for the identification of post-translational modifications (PTMs), glycosylation, and conjugation sites, as well as primary sequence confirmation. The purpose of this study is to provide guidelines for developing optimal LC running conditions with Aeris™…

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Real-Time Reaction Monitoring of a Solution-Phase Peptide Synthesis using the PlateExpress and expression TLC/CMS

Real-time reaction monitoring based on a combination of thin-layer chromatography (TLC) and compact mass spectrometry (CMS) is a simple and quick way for chemists to overcome synthetic challenges and optimize chemical reactions in the modern laboratory.  Peptides of pharmaceutical  interest can be readily synthesized following a rapid, continuous solution-phase synthesis strategy based on Fmoc protected…

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