Protein assays and peptide synthesis

Fast separation and mass analysis of proteins and peptides

The ’tides express combines an extended mass range, compact mass spectrometer (expression L CMS) with an easy-to-use HPLC gradient system with manual sample injector for rapid, real-time analysis of large molecules at the point-of-need. Additional fragmentation analysis and charge deconvolution software tools provide the interpretation needed to easily confirm the identity of peptides and proteins.

  • Cost-effective LC-CMS analysis tool ideally suited to support solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) analytical needs
  • Provides both the analyte mass-to-charge ratio as well as structural and AA sequence information
  • Ensure quality control by including a reaction control step after each synthesis cycle to guide yield optimization efforts

expression CMS Success Stories

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ETH, Laboratory of Organic Chemistry, Zurich, Switzerland

“The expression CMS allows us to efficiently analyze the mass of newly formed compounds in (almost) real time.”

Wennemers Research Group

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Technical University Munich, Garching, Germany

“The expression CMS is the perfect MS system for any research laboratory involved in synthetic organic chemistry and chemical analytics or small molecules to proteins.”

Dr. Tobias A.M. Gulder, Professor

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Creighton University, Department of Chemistry

“It’s easy, walk-up use with straightforward swapping of ESI and APCI sources make it a reliable, productive tool for determining synthetic success.”

Dr. Martin Hulce, Department of Chemistry, Creighton University

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Center for Free-Electron Laser Science (CFEL), Hamburg, Germany

"We are able to follow the process of most of our reactions which greatly facilitates our research."

Dr. Marta Sans, Research group of Prof. Dr. Arwen Pearson

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Recent expression CMS Publications

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expression CMS Application Notes

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Direct Analysis of Intact Proteins using the Advion Touch Express© Open Port Sampling Interface (OPSI) with the expressionL Compact Mass Spectrometer

Touch ExpressTM is a new sampling device for mass spec analysis using a technique developed by Gary Van Berkel and Vilmos Kertesz of Oak Ridge National Laboratory – the Open Port Sample Interface (OPSI). This fast, versatile sample inlet paired with the expression Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS) provides simple molecular weight determination of surfaces, solids and liquids in < 30s.

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Protein analysis via LC/CMS with automated charge state deconvolution

The Advion deconvolution algorithm employs a combination of predictive charge envelope generation, overlap calculation with actual MS data acquired utilizing a maximum entropy goodness of fit approach followed by artifact removal through determination of peak significance. This novel approach allows for a rapid deconvolution over a wide mass range in seconds. It also allows a…

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Recommendations for Transferring Peptide Mapping Methods to LC/MS Using Core-Shell Columns

With the emergence of new protein therapeutics, including biosimilars, biobetters and ADCs, peptide mapping by LC/MS is becoming more commonly used for the identification of post-translational modifications (PTMs), glycosylation, and conjugation sites, as well as primary sequence confirmation. The purpose of this study is to provide guidelines for developing optimal LC running conditions with Aeris™…

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LC/MS Determination of Amino Acids Using Compact Mass Spectrometry

A combination of ion-ion interaction chromatography and a compact mass spectrometer presents a cost effective and powerful analysis system for the detection and quantification of amino acids in complex mixtures without the need for extra sample processing steps such as derivatizations.

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