PET chemistry

Sensitive, affordable, compact mass spectrometry for radiopharmaceuticals

The expression CMS is a sensitive and fast approach that offers a straightforward workflow for the detection and mass identification of CA [18]F-labeled and tertiary amino compounds. Its small footprint allows it to fit in most space restricted laboratories, shielded fume hoods.

expression CMS Success Stories

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Research Analyst – University of Leiden

“I incorporated the expression CMS as a TLC/MS system because of its simplicity, low cost and the brilliant combination with the Plate Express.”

Dr. Hans van den Elst, Research Analyst, University of Leiden

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Department of Chemistry – Creighton University

“It’s easy, walk-up use with straightforward swapping of ESI and APCI sources make it a reliable, productive tool for determining synthetic success.”

Dr. Martin Hulce, Department of Chemistry, Creighton University

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Cyclotron and Radiochemistry Research Program – UNC School of Medicine

“The convenience of having a mass spectrometer in our laboratory means that we can increase working efficiencies.”

Dr. Zibo Li, Department of Radiology UNC School of Medicine

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Helmholtz-Center Dresden-Rossendorf

"PhD students appreciate the ‘in-time’ information about success or failure when developing novel compounds"

Dr. Holger Stephan, Group Leader, Nanoscalic Systems

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expression CMS Application Notes

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Routine detection and identification of PET radiopharmaceuticals

The rapid identification of radiolabeled compounds would clearly be beneficial for applied clinical and preclinical tracers used for imaging with positron emission tomography (PET). The limited uptake of mass spectrometry in the imaging field has been due to several factors including concerns regarding adequate sensitivity, instrument footprint in the highly constrained space requirements for the…

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