Natural products

Compound ID and Structural Information with Limited Sample Preparation from Natural Products

Naturally occurring active ingredients are ideal chemical starting structures to improve upon in the pharmaceutical drug development process. The expression S offers a faster scan speed, online polarity switching and in-source CID to generate the information for compound identification and structural information of previously unknown natural product analytes. Combined with the Plate Express, it allows targeted mass spectrum generated from thin layer chromatography plates.

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Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

"You do not need to be an expert in mass spectrometry to generate very useful and meaningful data."

Sitthivut Charoensutthivarakul

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Identification of a Pesticide Used in Lawn Care by vAPCI Compact Mass Spectrometry

At regular intervals throughout the year a local lawn service applies pesticides to the lawn surrounding the Advion headquarters in Ithaca, NY. The grass is very uniform and not a single dandelion or crabgrass plant is visible – so we wondered, what chemical do they use? After an application in the early spring, we sampled…

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Screening of Dietary Supplements by ASAP® Compact Mass Spectrometry

In this application note, we demonstrate the use of the Advion expressionL CMS with an atmospheric solids analysis probe (ASAP) ion source to analyze two supplements (figure 1) that contain DMBA, a synthetic stimulant that has not been tested on humans. The substance is the chemical cousin to drug DBAA, which is currently banned by…

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Complete Reaction-Monitoring Solution

Reaction monitoring is a key aspect in a range of chemistry environments from chemical synthesis to drug discovery to understanding natural products and protein synthesis. To understand the optimal time to quench a reaction for maximum yield as well as to monitor a reaction real-time is vital to many medicinal and synthetic organic chemists. The…

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Mistletoe: Kiss of Love or Death?

Using Thin-Layer Chromatography with Compact Mass Spectrometry A sprig of mistletoe symbolizes a tradition of romance; however, reputed to be the “kiss of  death,” mistletoe is said by some to be so poisonous that humans can be killed if they  ingest the leaves or berries. In the spirit of the Holiday season and to ensure…

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