Versatile analysis platform for detection and identification of low level active or toxic drug metabolites

Identify and characterize low level active metabolites from drugs or drug candidates (or low level active compounds in natural products) using the TriVersa as an additional on-line fraction collector. Simultaneuos LC/MS data can guide further investigation of collected fractions and infusion of the same allows for in depth structural analysis of analytes of interest.

  • More sensitive than LC/MS alone
  • Create a physical storage of the online LC/MS run
  • Obtain structural information on trace-level metabolites by infusing simultaneously collected fractions of the LC/MS run
  • Characterize analytes in ‘hot’ radio-labeled LC fractions
  • Re-analysis by infusion allows for additional MS scan options such as fragmentations, MSn or precursor and neutral loss scanning
  • Infusion allows for significant signal average and improves signa-to-noise and data quality

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