Faster lipids analysis with no sample-to-sample carryover

  • Quantify and identify individual lipid species with long,stable spray times
  • Consistent profile response from reproducible chip-based spray with up to 400 analyses per chip
  • Faster analysis compared to conventional LC/MS
  • No sample-to-sample carryover
  • Large scale shotgun lipidomics

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University of Southern Denmark

"Essential for any Lipidomics Laboratory."

Christer S. Ejsing, PhD, Associate Professor

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Shotgun Lipidomics Analysis

Infusion based lipidomics analysis (shotgun Lipidomics) is an analysis strategy that involves the liquid extraction of lipids from samples such as blood, tissue homogenates or dried blood spots. This approach is suitable for a wide range of biomedical questions of lipid differentiation and lipid flux in the field of metabolic disease, neurological disorders, cancers or eye…

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