Mode 1: Chip-Based Infusion

The TriVersa NanoMate system operating in Chip-Based Infusion mode (Mode 1) utilizes the ESI Chip® – a silicon-based integrated nanoelectrospray microchip device developed using deep reactive ion etching technologies.  The ESI Chip consists of an array of 400 nanoelectrospray emitters with different inner diameters allowing for flow rates of 20 to 300 nL/min. The manufacturing process for the ESI Chip allows for consistent nozzles providing a robust and reliable platform. The nozzles on the ESI Chip provide a long, stable spray, and in infusion mode, eliminate sample-to-sample carryover.[ Animation: How automated chip-based infusion works ]

TriVersa NanoMate Success Stories

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University of Southern Denmark

"Essential for any Lipidomics Laboratory."

Christer S. Ejsing, PhD, Associate Professor

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University of Birmingham

"The TriVersa NanoMate revolutionized nanospray."

Dr. Helen Cooper, Senior Lecturer, School of BioSciences

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Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology Golm, Germany

"I can’t imagine running these analyses without the TriVersa NanoMate"

Dr. Patrick Giavalisco, Research Group Leader

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School of Chemistry, University of Bristol – Bristol, UK

"Advion’s technology gives you what you want very quickly."

John Crosby, Senior Lecturer, Organic & Biological Chemistry

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Recent TriVersa NanoMate Publications

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TriVersa NanoMate Application Notes

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Using the TriVersa NanoMate with LESA for Analyte Profiling in Material Science

Surface analysis techniques have gained significant attention over the last couple of years with LESA being an interesting alternative to techniques such as SIMS or MALDI imaging. This note demonstrates practical applications for LESA in the material sciences.

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