nano-LC ion source

The Chip-Mate is an enclosed nanoelectrospray ion source that uses the ESI Chip® technology and couples it to a nano-LC column via the proven Advion LC coupler system. The ESI Chip performance along with automated spray sensing and next nozzle switching capabilities improves the sample analysis workflow and reduces the number of failed nano-LC runs.

Compatible with any nano-LC pump system with flow rates of 100 nL/min to 600 nL/min, the Chip-Mate is based on Advion’s ESI Chip technology for proteomics, small molecule quantification and biomarker/biosimilar sample analysis.

  • Automatic spray sensing and next-nozzle capability reduces the number of failed nano-LC runs.
  • Identical performance from nozzle to nozzle due to micro fabrication in silicon and much simpler to set up than conventional pulled capillary devices.
  • Maximum flexibility due to compatibility with a wide range of nano-LC pumps and columns.